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I have always loved animals and nature as a child.

As soon as I left home,  I became Vegetarian and started volunteering  to help out at my local the Animal Rescue,

which is when I started accumulating various animals, including rabbits, a squirrel and dogs.

My passion has always been with animals, as it warms my heart,


Until my late 20's I had always been very healthy and I then became very poorly with glangular fever.

  The Doctors said I would have it for the rest of my life and couldn't do anything more for me.

A friend - a Reiki Master, volunteered to send me some healing from a distance over a period of 4 days.

I didn't beleive in it at the time, however I was desperate and willing to give it a go.

The experience was so profound, that  by the 5th day, I felt completely well and returned to the Doctors,

who could not believe that my blood tests showed the virus had gone.

Within 7 days, I booked myself on to a Reiki First Degree Course

and continued to study with my amazing teacher for the next three years!


During this time I served a 12 month apprenticeship with an intense self mastery course,

to become a Reiki Master Teacher and came out a completely changed person.

During my development, my clairvoyance opened and I was surprised to see energy.

This included  seeing the chakras and where balancing needed to occur,

also people's guides, animal guides and even  past lives!

This was a complete contrast to my day job as a Sales Rep / Sales Trainer working in the financial sector,

 teaching staff and talking to customers!


Once I started working with the Reiki energy, I began part time and teaching a few courses.

In 2004, I volunteered to give free healing at a Horse Rescue, where I then worked for 4 years.

I was surprised to hear one of the horses - Daisy communicate - she asked -"Why doesn't anyone want me?"

This was at the time that the Horse Rescue was under financial pressure and the horses were being re-homed.

As It closed,  I adopted two of the horses - Daisy and Billy, who I still have to this day.

I then started working and communicating with other  horses and animals with paid healing work.

In 2008 I was offered another horse - Inka who the vet told the owner she had a disease in her legs

and would need to be put to sleep. I decided to take Inka and start the Charity.

 Animal Healing Trust

I was able to treat Inka with a combination of treatments - Reiki, bio chemistry, herbal medicine and bowen therapy.

Inka is now fine without disease and enjoys galloping around the fields with her friends!.


Since then I have rescued and helped 24 horses with a range of issues

from nervous breakdown, physical and mental abuse, neglect, starvation and lack of emotional care.


I work alongside our Vet for emergencies and use Reiki Healing, communication, herbal medicine,

homeopathy, bio-chemistry, nutritional support, bowen therapy and many more therapies.

Read more about each of the horses I have helped at Animal Healing Trust.


 I have developed my telepathic communication over the years, with all sorts of animals and now today,

I use this gift to share and teach others to communicate and heal animals, supporting the Animal Healing Trust.

I am now a full time Spiritual Healer and Teacher for people and animals and love my work and my life as it is now.


 With Love and Light. Sue x


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