Animal Healing...



animal healing

"Before I begin a treatment with an animal,

I will chat about the issues to be addressed

and then introduce myself to the animal"

Healing for Animals

 " I believe all animals have emotions and have the ability to communicate daily

with their friends in their own special way,

that we as humans can't hear as we are too busy and noisy."


I treat all animals...

People usually call me as a last resort ~ on recommendation

try something different ~  when the vet can't help or treatment is not working.


An Animal Healing treatment can help with:

healing past issues ~ ill treatment ~ being taken off their mother too early

not understood ~ grieving ~ moved house ~ not loved ~ illness...


Contact me 07780 698 393 to book and / or further information

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 Animal Healing Treatments are booked as follows

1 hour - £55

Travelling time and petrol - Additional


Contact me 07780 698 393 to book and / or further information.

I also run the Charity The Animal Healing Trust.

With Love and Light Sue x


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