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  1. Hi folks I have today added some new workshops, amended one date and added monthly evening classes too!

    I am running 2 Crystal Healing workshops with the lovely Denise Shaw, who is an amazing Crystal healer, the first one in April will lead on to more advanced techniques in June, how exciting!

    Also I am teaching a Reiki First Degree course at Christa's new location 'Heart & Space' in the City Centre of Birmingham in March.

    I have added my Monthly Groups to the website which are the Monday evening Reiki Shares, open to anyone who has learnt Reiki First Degree or above, a great opportunity to meet like minded individuals, practice, gain confidence, have a guided meditation and send Distance Healing. Also are the Tuesday 'Developing your Intuition' evenings, which currently are aimed at those who have already completed my 6 week course and wish to further their knowledge and skills. We cover many ways of developing from intuition, from working with the vibration of colour and words, how to dowse, sense auras, work with Angel Oracle Cards and more. The key to all of this work is working ethically in a safe and nurturing environment without ego where everyone is encouraged and uplifted. I will be running a NEW 6 week evening class course on this again in the Spring so look out for dates or contact me!

    With love Sue x