Reiki - Second Degree

Reiki Degree Two is for those who wish to develop their skills

and channel even more energy making treatments more powerful.

It is advisable to wait 3-6 months after the Reiki First Degree Course,

before moving on to the Reiki Second Degree.


On this Course you will:

Learn deeper personal healing

Receive 2 additional attunements to enhance your ability to channel energy

You will given 3 sacred symbols;learn how to create them, their mantras

 and understand how they can enhance your healing practice and everyday life.

Learn how to do distance healing geographically

Learn how to send healing energy back in time to heal past issues

How to send energy forward in time to help manifest.


There is some follow up work to complete after the course,

after which you are then awarded your Certificate.

This then allows you to practice Reiki professionally,

obtain insurance and become a Reiki Practitioner if you wish to do so.

See the Training Calendar for dates for this Workshop.

Please Contact me 07780 698 393 to take part in this Workshop.

With Love and Light Sue x

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